Scene 1: General Ne Win hands Aung San Suu Kyi over to his military commander.

What is taking place in the opening of this scene? What are General Ne Win’s concerns?  Opens with a close up of Aung San Suu Kyi front page of the newspaper with the title “Burmese tipped for nobel peace prize. This is being shown with an over the shoulder shot of his point of view, showing us that it his main focus and it’s a big issue to him. Aung San getting tipped for the prize shows that she is beginning to gain international supporters. He is concerned that she will gain international support which could result in an uprising. He is overall worried she is going to over throw him and he will be pushed out of the power.

How does General Ne Win’s military commander react to his
his superior’s concerns? He is confident he can handle the situation and assures the general his plan will be successful. He suggest

What do you see? (visual techniques)

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

Scene 2: Cutting off Aung San Suu Kyi from the world. (think about 12 techniques)

What is happening in this scene? All the soldiers are invading her home, setting up barricades, barb wires etc. Scene starts of very dramatic with army trucks and what not coming in.

Describe the action/activity that is taking place? Military are invading her house to put her under house arrest.

What is Aung San Suu Kyi’s reaction to the military control? Tries to stay calm despite the havok going on outside her home. When they come in and start taking everything she remains calm however you can see the little bit of panic in her face.

What do you see? (visual techniques)

Costumes: Use of the colour red, originates form china “blood of the people sacrificed for all”


Camera Shots:

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

Intense music, very very little dialogue.

Consider how any of the details you have listed in both
scenes, reflect Luc Besson’s auteur style. List the

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