Following the second world war, after Japan invaded Burma, it was then soon gained back by Britain where General Aung San was selected by Britain to unite national groups and lead the country into independence. Aung San is known as the leading Architect of Independence, and the founder of the Union of Burma. Luc Besson, […]

The teenage years of life will be the hardest years ever. Said literally no adult ever. However many teenagers have proved to struggle through this time in their life and often forget what is really important. This is a motivating piece aimed at teenagers who simply need reminding that there is much more to life, […]

Creating empathy for the plight of characters is an important purpose in the Barbara Demick non-fiction “Nothing to Envy”. The text focuses on the lives of six North Korean defectors, and how they ultimately defect from the country through China. Throughout the text we are constantly reminded of the horrors of living in Chongin in […]

It can be seen that the most challenging ideas in a text are found in the detail in Barbara Demick’s non-fiction text, “Nothing to Envy.” This text is set in the 1990s in the Northern City of Chongjin in North Korea. The text presents what life is like for six North Koreans who ultimately defect […]